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About me

I have loved my 25 years of reflexology practice, exploring many other areas including herbalism, aromatherapy and natural remedies. This passion for a holistic approach to health has led me to develop my own unique methods, which I often incorporate into your treatment plan as I believe in a multi-layered approach to successful emotional and physical changes.

As a mother of three, I used reflexology throughout each of my pregnancies, and still  treat my children with reflexology when they need it for relaxation and care.

My own home birth experiences led me to train as a doula in 2007, which expanded my knowledge and allowed me to continue to support my clients through birth and beyond.


Whilst I now focus on reflexology rather than doula work, I treat women at all stages of their lives, from teenage girls who are struggling, expectant mothers, through to menopausal women. I find immense satisfaction in helping women make their pregnancy, birth and menopause an empowering and positive experience. I believe that with advice, information, and support, all women can feel more confident about achieving the health they want.


I worked with Neal's Yard Remedies in London for over a decade, and have run busy clinics from the City of London, to rural India, and now have a space in West St Leonards where I also create natural products for my own brand Candaroma.

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything."
Thich Nhat Hanh

The Candaroma story

“I've always loved candles, and have always used them in my treatment rooms. But when I had a family I soon realised my days of regularly buying expensive luxury brands were coming to an end.

I tried cheaper candles, but they looked awful, burned badly, and just never smelt quite right. Even with the bargain price tag I was always disappointed.

So I resolved to learn how to make candles myself, bought some wax, and years of experimentation began.

Of course not every attempt was successful but it felt magical - like alchemy - and I was hooked!

Soon, friends and family were begging me to make candles for their homes, and Candaroma was born. We have grown to supply small local shops and businesses and now sell online too.

Our range of is built on my 25 years experience working with herbs, essential oils and natural remedies. Trained in reflexology and aromatherapy I worked for over a decade with Neal's Yard Remedies in London, pouring my experience into everything I create.


For each of our products I select the perfect combination of essential oils and fragrances from extensive testing. Moroccan rose oil is very different to Bulgarian rose oil, and cedar wood from the Himalayas does not smell the same as that produced in Virginia, USA. And who knew British lavender could be so different to that grown in Provence.

Our blends are not only designed to smell great. We also douse the energy of the oils to find those that work best together, and create layers that inspire a sense of wellbeing.

Over time we’ve extended our product range to include more home fragrance, and natural body products which I often use in my treatments. The addition of new seasonal scents keeps the range fresh and exciting.


We hear from our customers daily that our fragrances and products really do make them feel calm or uplifted, balanced or focused. Whatever you choose, welcome to Candaroma. We believe wellbeing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!”

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